Microsoft related web developers

Company Description

Diversity Productions is a European company most notably active in the fields of ICT, music and photography. Operating since 1994 Diversity has been expanding the limits of technologies to create wicked productions and now Diversity is looking to expand to Indonesia.

Diversity Jakarta

Diversity is looking for

Microsoft related web developers
As an all-round web developer, based on Microsoft technologies, you have experience with creating high end / high load enterprise web applications and want to push the limits of what is possible with current and future technologies. As a developer that is well versed in what we require we can offer you up to 8 mil RP a month depending on experience, skills and results.

The requirements for the developer role are to have a good experience with at least:

W3C Browser DOM
C# 3.5
.NET 3.5
SQL server 2005

And also it is very important to have a strong command of the English language both in speech and in writing.

Diversity also needs:

1 Technical team lead
As technical team lead you are the most senior of the Diversity Jakarta team and you also have coordinative skills. You will be responsible for the day to day management of the office and the team and you will also be developing side by side with the developers. As technical team lead we can offer you up to 10 mil RP a month depending on experience, skills and results.

The requirements for the technical team lead are the same as for the developers but in addition the technical team lead should also have experience with project management and software architecture.

Trainee position
For developers that already know a bit about XHTML, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C# and SQL server but do not yet master the full concept of developing high end enterprise web applications Diversity can offer a trainee position. You will learn how to build advanced web applications and once you have proven to master all the required skills you will be promoted to web developer. The basic salary for the trainee position is 2 mil Rp a month but the more you already know the more we can offer you. Also for the trainee position it is required to have a strong command of the English language both in speech and in writing.

International opportunities
Any of our employees should progress over time and show promise of being able to remotely run a project team as remote technical team lead. Those that show that capability can come to Amsterdam and work on a European salary first starting at around 21 mil Rp a month and once client satisfaction has been established the salary can be as much as 35 mil Rp a month.

If you are interested it would help make the selection if you would be willing to write us in detail on what role you are applying and why you think your profile matches with the profile we require. Also please describe in detail for all of the requirements we have what your experience is with them. please send your resume in English to and we can start the interview process as soon as possible.

Due to the amount of applications we are getting we can only handle applications that meet our criteria and applications that do not meet one of the criteria will not responded to.

Career Level Senior
Qualification Not Specified
Yr(s) Exp 3 year(s)
Job Category Information Technology (I.T.) - Programming, Information Technology (I.T.) - IT Project Management, Information Technology (I.T.) - Software Design & Engineering
Job Location DKI Jakarta - Jakarta
Salary Not Specified / Negotiable
Job Type Full Time, Permanent, Contract, Freelance